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Patio Enclosures for Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, and Outdoor Venues

A patio enclosure is typically defined as a back yard three-season room or “screen enclosure” at a home residence. It is usually small in square footage and serves as an outdoor room for summer lounging for family and friends. That is true of a patio enclosure. But, it can also be defined as an outdoor patio area for commercial locations, such as restaurants, hotels, and venue centers. Basically, it is also any outdoor space needing coverage and protection that isn’t directly for pool usage.
[one_half]We’ve seen patio enclosures put to good use for night clubs and restaurants with a top floor to host an open bar. Take American Junkie in Chicago, for instance. They have a top floor that called for anything but average, so they utilized a retractable roof to enclosure their patio area in the bar. It’s an indoor space with furniture and protection from weather, but becomes an outdoor space when the weather is nice and they need to cool off.[/one_half][one_half_last][responsive]patio1 We’ve also seen patio enclosures utilized in an outdoor venue center in Turkey. They wanted the outdoor atmosphere, lots of space, and a versatile area for guests to host events, so they utilized a freestanding enclosure for their patio. A pool exists in the venue for artistic purposes, but the primary usage for the enclosure is to create an indoor/outdoor space for the venue. This particular enclosure is manual and opens in less than 10 minutes because of its lightweight polycarbonate panels and aircraft aluminum. patio2 Legal Harborside, the flagship restaurant of Legal Sea Foods, located in Boston, MA over the harbor adopted the retractable concept in their bar patio on the third floor. With three levels of dining- the bottom of casual seafood, the middle floor of elegant dining, and the top floor of night club and bar, they had to differentiate each level with unique interiors and architectural elements. For the rooftop bar, they added retractable skylights and folding doors that offered an indoor/outdoor patio enclosure to make that level fun and distinct. legal-harborside
If you have an outdoor space, whether in a restaurant design, an existing outdoor venue center, or hotel with a patio area that could use some indoor comfort with outdoor freedom, chances are we can fabricate a system that fits your space just right. DSC_9266