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We’ve just finished renovating our virtual stomping grounds, and we want to invite you for a look-see.  Oh, don’t worry.   If you were a frequent website visitor, you’ll still feel right at home here.  It’s still us, in all our Libart blue…  But it’s an improved Libart with a floor plan that is far easier to get around and a lot more information to make your visit more productive and informative.

The first thing you’ll notice?  Hello, simplicity!  Libart knows that you know what you’re looking for, and now you can take the direct route straight to the information you need. The whole site is organized by applications — Residential, Hotels and Resorts, Restaurants, and Industrial applications to be specific.

application Libart

If you’re a visual person, the Libart Gallery is available from the main page and features beautiful photos and info of Libart projects.  If you’re an architect (or just architecturally curious), finding structure specifications is even easier.

subscribe photoThere’s a special architectural hub right on the main page where you can easily access any of the available design options and specifications.  If you want to keep up with Libart’s monthly project list, there’s a no-fuss “subscribe” sign-up at the bottom of the main page.

The new website is designed so that you’ll be able to get a well-rounded over-view of the options available to you in just one click. Each application page explains the product options and the three-step process, so you’ll know right up front what’s involved.  And it gets better.  You’ll easily be able to dig in for more relevant information specific to your project.  All of the options for each application are easy to find and understand.  There are sample projects to explore, complete with photos and blogs that feature Libart’s designs and workmanship from all corners of the globe. Of course, there are always plenty of questions to be answered, so just to get the wheels turning, answers to the most popular FAQ’s are listed on the bottom of each application page — literally just a click away.  You can even get pricing examples, which is something completely new!  You’ll be able to get a quick idea of the price ranges and budgetary needs for similar projects.

Pricing example- Libart

Getting in touch with a project manager has never been easier, and neither has getting an estimate.  (That’s right.  I said it.  You can get an estimate.)   It’s one of the most exciting features of Libart’s new virtual digs.  The “Get an Estimate” link at the bottom of every application page will land you in a virtual gold mine of information regarding Libart’s “lowest price assurance guarantee,” and how Libart structures are priced.  There’s a short form that you can complete and submit to get the ball rolling.

It’s never been so easy to get the wheels turning and learn more.   So consider this your personal invitation to Libart’s virtual open house.  Come in, click around, and make yourself at home.  Libart’s (virtual) casa es su casa!

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