Sienna Mercato in Pittsburgh Coming Soon

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Sienna Mercato 3-story Italian Restaurant at 942 Penn Ave. Opens Spring 2014

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The Rooftop Construction

Downtown Pittsburgh is growing its culinary community, having about 17 restaurants opening from late 2013 and early 2014.  Blue Line Grille and Uptown host a 12,000-square-foot bar and restaurant with 10 lofts. Eddie Merlot’s packs 300 seats. And Penn Avenue Fish Co. will construct an exciting oyster bar1. Sienna Mercato joins in on the culinary competition by creating a 3-story restaurant concept and having the first restaurant in town with a retractable roof. 

Adorned with distressed wall paintings on brick

Adorned with distressed wall paintings on brick


Sienna Mercato joins the ranks of paradigm-busting restaurants, like Legal Harborside, Union Restaurant, American Junkie, Izakaya Den, and Dominick’s Steakhouse, to name some of the most exciting restaurant projects by Libart. Each atmosphere and food offering is different, but each restaurateur had this in common: they wanted to bring the outdoors in with a permanent solution, and they wanted people to say “that’s cool” when they saw the retractable piece.

Sienna Mercato sounds like “hakuna matata”, but it doesn’t mean “no worries”. It is Italian for “marketplace”.  The first floor, called Emporio (The Meatball Shop) will open in January 2014. And the other two floors, including The Beer Garden Rooftop, will open in the Spring of 2014.

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Rooftop Construction started Fall 2013

Sienna’s executive chef, Matthew Porco, opened the first Sienna restaurant in 2012, called Sienna Sulla Piazza. He was on the search for a location for their Sienna Mercato concept and said he is surprised “at how much people gravitate toward open air and outdoor tables”2, which helped to decide what location they would choose. The rooftop bar and restaurant overlooks the U.S. Steel Tower and other prominent buildings among the Pittsburgh skyline.



The 3 concepts

The 3 concepts




Fun facts:

  • Owner: Nick Nicholas
  • The first floor is 4,000 square feet
  • Garage doors will open to the sidewalk on the bottom and middle floors
  • The rooftop has 150 seats

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