Chicago’s Premiere Retractable Enclosures

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Architects have been gathering at The Godfrey Hotel for the last three months to see the unprecedented IO Urban Roofscape at The Godfrey Hotel where Huron and LaSalle meet on the North Side of Chicago.  The aluminum-facade cubist building can’t be missed. It demands a double-take when you drive by or catch a glimpse through buildings because it looks futuristic. And the Urban Roofscape on the 4th floor terrace is one big reason why guests and architects have been visiting the hotel.

The I/O Urban Roofscape is like entering another world. The well-lit atmosphere with white booths is a unique contrast to the dark hardwood floors and red leather wall-booths on the inside part of the roofscape.  This roofscape has been the talk of the town, such as:

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Chicago Architects planning their retractable project

AIA Courses at The Godfrey


Jeff, Libart Project Manager, has been hosting regular CE courses at The Godfrey’s Truss room, next to the roofscape. After the hour presentation, architects were invited to tour the roofscape first-hand and ask Jeff any questions about the retractable structure. Many other restaurants and hotels in Chicago are planning outdoor areas with a retractable enclosure to extend the space’s usable time. With The Godfrey’s retractable structure, their roofscape can be utilized 365 days/year. No need to shut down the roofscape or close it off for winter.

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Retractable enclosures presentation

Architects touring The I/O Roofscape