Restaurant with Retractable Skylight Roof Highlights Arrival of the Kimpton Gray Hotel

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Chicago Eater, “Behold Downtown’s New Rooftop Restaurant” dated August 23, 2016 features the rooftop restaurant and lounge Boleo and its beautiful retractable roof.
Featuring the rooftop restaurant and lounge Boleo and its beautiful retractable roof

When a rooftop restaurant opens, there is always lots of fanfare. And there is no better way to emphasize the locale than through skylights. But these are not just run-of-the-mill, fixed skylights–they are retractable Clearsky skylights from Libart. These are often referred to as retractable roofs because the whole assembly retracts to the open air. Clearsky, then, provides for ample daylighting when closed and lots of fresh air when open.

Bole Restaurant Retractable SkylightThe Chicago Eater story proves Libart retractable skylights and roofs are in a class of their own and are the epitome of style and functionality. Boleo is a restaurant and lounge located on the rooftop of the newly established Kimpton Gray Hotel. It brings a splash of authentic South American cuisine while showcasing a breathtaking retractable glass skylight roof. It goes to show, if you’re opening up downtown Chicago you’d better come with flair.

Boleo operates inside of a 4,000-square-foot space and has a seating capacity of approximately 150. It offers radiant beams of sunlight (daylighting) through its retractable glass roof, providing a stark contrast from the typical dim lit hotel hallways. Thanks to Libart’s Clearsky, Boleo possesses an open air dining feel, ensuring that patrons feel invigorated.

The dining room sits in the middle of the structure and provides your classical high end restaurant feel. The outskirts of the restaurant show off its lounge capabilities with the furniture to match. To finalize the features and amenities, Boleo is equipped with an upscale DJ booth providing a stimulating ambience.

Boleo Restaurant Retractable SkylightBoleo Restaurant Retractable Skylight

With Libart’s help, Boleo is sure to secure a spot as one of Chicago’s must see places. Libart has successfully worked with many hotels and restaurants to ensure patrons have the best experience possible. To view more of our inspiring work head over to the gallery page. There’s nothing better than indoor comfort with outdoor freedom!


Photos supplied by Sarah Joyce