Rooftop Enclosures Featured by Chicago Eater and WGNtv

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Chicago Eater, “J. Parker Unveils Retractable Roof to Public” dated February 2, 2015 featured a computer animation showing Libart USA rooftop enclosures.

The article clearly establishes how valuable outdoor patios and roofs are for Chicago businesses, especially if they can be used year round. The Boka Restaurant Group, the team behind The J. Parker restaurant on top of Hotel Lincoln was founded by and is run by chefs. In addition to great food, they have figured out what works when it comes to launching the hottest new restaurants and keeping them relevant. Their choice to use Libart USA’s retractable enclosure demonstrates how unique and valuable of a partner Libart can be to architects working closely with hospitality and restaurant groups.

The J. Parker is a remarkable collaboration. Not only is the restaurant run by a collaborative management group of chefs, the hotel is run by a Joie de Vivre, a hospitality group that creates original experiences grounded in local culture. The Chicago Eater article references RATIO Architects, themselves a creative collaboration of planners, designers and architects.

The WGNtv Feature Rooftop Enclosures

J. Parker’s retractable roof lets you enjoy rooftop experience all year long.” posted online April 9, 2015