Clients Share how they Heat a Pool Enclosure Year-round

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4 years ago Libart installed these two pool enclosures on the east coast- one in Maryland and one in New Jersey. Both clients have different heating needs, and they share their experience after having their “pool domes” for multiple seasons.

The Holtkamps in Maryland: solar cover and propane pool heater


Holtkamp’s Enclosure in the Winter

The Holtkamps decided to install a retractable structure in order to make their 17,000-gallon pool usable year-round.  Initially, they were thrilled with their enclosure and the benefit it would provide with year-round pool use – particularly for Mrs. Holtkamp who was dealing with arthritic symptoms.

Some people might heat their enclosure, but that’s not a priority for the Holtkamps.  Because it’s the water that needs to be used year-round, and their enclosed space isn’t necessarily being utilized, heating the water specifically is what the Holtkamps focus on.  They utilize a few different strategies for keeping the water at a comfortable 82°-90° Fahrenheit year-round.  First, they use propane during the cooler nine months of the year to keep the water warm.  To retain the heat, the enclosure is closed, and a solar cover is kept on the pool whenever it isn’t in use.   During the spring when the pool temperature rises naturally into the higher 80’s or more, they retire the solar cover for a few months, and even leave the enclosure open around the clock.

Pool Enclosure

The enclosure in summer

On sunny days, she says, they can gain as much as three degrees, and lose only one during the night, so it’s no surprise that if they don’t uncover the pool and release the heat, Mrs. Holtkamp reports, during June, July and August, the pool becomes less like a pool, and more like a giant hot tub!

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The Hassons in New Jersey: geothermal water heater

Hasson's New Jersey Paradise

Hasson’s New Jersey Paradise

Dennis Hasson, proud owner of his “pool dome”, enjoys the year-round tropical retreat his geothermal system creates in the enclosure. Without even heating the air, the heat from the water creates a warm, comfortable swimming environment- even at Christmas!

He uses his phone to control his geothermal system and keeps the water between 95- 100 degrees, which he says keeps the entire inside of the enclosure around 85-90 degrees. Wow! That’s some heat gain. The polycarbonate material allows the heat to get in quickly, but leave very slowly.

The Hasson’s beachfront home had some challenges with sand, wind (100 mph!), and snow, but their enclosure experience from start to finish was enjoyable.

Tropical plants thrive in the enclosure

Tropical plants thrive in the enclosure

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There are many Libart customers who heat the air in the enclosure, but these two clients only heated the water, which works just fine for them. Stay tuned for future case studies of heating your pool enclosure!