Libart USA Attends Bau Trade Fair 2019

webmaster1 Libart USA

The biennial Bau Trade Fair in Munich, Germany was another success for both vendors and visitors. The January 14-19, 2019 fair marked a record-breaking year with over 250,000 visitors in attendance. They engaged with more than 2,000 architectural design vendors over two million square feet of exhibition space. This worldwide event – featuring companies from 45 different countries – is the largest trade show for architecture, materials and systems.

Chris Stover, General Manager for Libart North America said, “One benefit to attending the show is that it is specific to Libart’s focus and brand, not just the products we showcase at our booth. The Bau Trade Fair is well organized, offers a plethora of resources and is a collaborative hub for the industry.”

The Bau Trade Fair provided the largest innovative space with distributors, fabricators, and dealers looking for cool new ideas for their company and solutions to products questions. Attending Bau offered great value by showing attendees what Libart USA does. It was also an opportunity to help attendees and other vendors understand the full-service capabilities of kinetic architecture. Libart USA featured outstanding product displays including Panora-View, the Lean-To Free-standing half-arch structure, Sola-Glide, Kinetic Glass Railing and Retractable Enclosures.

The event attracted potential clients who are looking for custom designs – many offered by Libart – that would cultivate what they want or need. It also showed a product that is a solution to their design problem. The event showcased a wide range of materials associated with building a product. Chris added, “The show was very well attended and offered Libart great worldwide exposure.”

The massive size of the venue and the number of vendors demonstrated how broad and large the market is for kinetic architectural style and systems. The Bau Trade Fair occurs every two years and Libart USA looks forward to attending because it is an opportunity to see evolving parts of the world that are heavy in development.

“With Libart’s 25 years in the industry we show our confidence to clients by providing a comfortable experience and being a pioneer in retractable systems,” said Chris.

As an industry leader with many potential partnership opportunities around the world, there are dozens of reasons to attend this show. Libart USA stays on the cutting edge of more opportunities by having a front-row seat to the industry’s progression.

“It’s always nice to look ahead, not just for Libart, but from the industry as a whole and observe how products are progressing,” said Chris.