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Libart Retractable Windows | Broaden your horizon

Libart’s concept is to connect your indoor with the outside world through windows and doors without any interference. The limit to views were old times talk with the introduction of our Retractable doors and Retractable windows that allows Panoramic views. Our approach is to furnish your venues, rooms, outdoor spaces with Natural light, unhindered sights and Royal experience that we have achieved through vertical retracting Panoramic doors and Panoramic windows.

The answer for your eagerness: to be stylish, modern, and have unique architectural design places; along with environmental control, lies within the ingenious state-of-the art Horizontal glass windows and doors.  These glass windows and doors behave similar to large screen windows and doors. Operating these technological advance retractable glass and door structures is effortless and smooth.  Not only do they save your operating space; they also establish an exclusive identity with the view that everyone desires.

Forget about windows and doors. Think about how you want to feel looking through these openings… Connected!

With the added value and performance, Libart’s systems are of massive length without any structural obstacles, which integrates the idea of a seamless entrance. The automated retracting windows and doors give you the ultimate freedom where you don’t have to rely on weather. Push a button to enjoy the cool summer breeze or remain unharmed from rain, snow or scorching heat.

Manufactured with electrostatically painted aluminum profiles, Libart’s systems are interlocking and thermally broken.  On top of that, Libart’s systems utilize glazing frames and insulated glass that provide exquisite thermal insulation. Combining all of this, and considering the safety aspect at priority, these retractable designs were invented on a special screw drive system that hosts a built-in safe operation; thus providing strength and durability. Significantly, the costs of these products are relatively low compared to the value you are pursuing.