About Us



Libart is not new. We’ve been around globally for 24 years.
Our products, on the other hand, pack a new punch to the retractable roof industry.
Libart’s custom retractable roof architecture offers residential and commercial clients a versatile solution to enclose outdoor spaces. Existing pools and patios have taken advantage of this alternative architecture. And new restaurants and swim centers are putting this product into their design plans. Before or after building your space, cutting-edge architecture can likely be incorporated.
The turn-key service we provide covers the entire process of the retractable roof structure: design, engineering, installation, and service. Libart’s engineered designs with polycarbonate glazing and aluminum framing are lightweight for ease of use and durability. They have been in use in residential and commercial buildings all over the world for the past 24 years.
The benefits of retractable roof architecture are indoor protection, outdoor freedom, reduced maintenance, and predictable party dates. What was once your pool just used for the four warmest months can turn in to a 12 month swimming oasis. And what was once your vacant restaurant patio is now your extended seating area. Open to let the sun in, shut it to keep the rain out.
Three manufacturing facilities are strategically located around the world. Libart’s North American manufacturing facility is located in Hicksville, Ohio. Libart North America is a division of Stoett Industries, Inc. Libart has manufactured in Ohio since July 2009, recently moving to a larger facility.