Can I install the enclosure myself?

A: There are plenty of companies on the market that provide DIY Kits. Libart is not one of them. Our enclosures are professionally engineered and installed to last a lifetime. Our certified factory trained crews provide the best fit and finish for your enclosure system and allow us to stand behind our exclusive 10 Year warranty.

Where do you install?

A: All over the world and at all times of the year. Libart North America specifically installs in the United States and Canada.

How can I get an estimate?

A: You can get one by going to the Get an Estimate tab and submitting the form. There are also price ranges available for you on each application page.

What do I plan for if I am building a structure that will incorporate Libart?

A: In most cases, you will need to know foundational requirements. Details will be provided at the Engineering Phase of your project. This phase occurs after the Design and Engineering agreement is signed. Get an Estimate to start this process. 

How do I get started with a project?

A: To start a project, fill out the Get an Estimate form. This will get you in contact with a Project Manager quickly and you can learn the feasibility of your project plans and get started with the budgeting of your project.

What if I am not ready for getting an estimate, but want to learn more about Libart’s products and keep updated on your latest happenings?

A: Sign up for our monthly Featured Projects an email released monthly about the latest and greatest installs.