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Indoor Comfort,
Outdoor Freedom !
Retractable roofs and enclosures
for restaurants, hotels and homes.

Pool Builder Partner Program


Get paid for referring your clients
to Libart for a new enclosure


Here's How it Works in 3 Easy Steps


Sign up for the Partner Program by filling out the form which enrolls you in our system.



You will receive an email from Libart that will provide your customized link, graphics and a pre-written email that you can send to your client list and/or post on your website or social media pages. We will provide all of the simple instructions needed to get the word out to your clients.



Your client clicks on your link and fills out a form on the Libart USA website requesting more information. You are automatically recorded as the referral source.  Our team will notify you when we are working on a project with your client and keep you as involved as you wish to be.

Libart Will Pay 5% Upon Completion of the Project

That’s it in just 3 easy steps. Last year, we paid out over $50,000 in referral fees to our affiliate partners.

Consider the incremental revenue that you can generate for your pool business
by introducing Libart Retractable Enclosures to your past and future clients!





How much does a pool enclosure cost?

Pool enclosures range from $75,000-250,000+ and depend on several factors including coverage area, location and the type of enclosure. For more details on pool enclosure costs, visit our Pricing page.

Why would I offer Libart pool enclosures to my clients?

With a Libart pool enclosures your pool clients have the unique advantage of having year-round use of their pool. In the summer, they can have a sunny outdoor pool, and in the rain or winter, the enclosure converts their pool into a warm tropical indoor oasis.

Libart’s unique and customized solutions also helps pool builders win deals and make more money, and sets you apart from your pool builder competitors. (Also did we mention the 5% referral fee you could earn?)

What kind of projects/clients are best for a Libart pool enclosure?

Pool clients that mention they would like to use their pools longer than 3-5 months a year are ideal candidates for a pool enclosure. Also clients who are considering an indoor pool may prefer the advantage of an enclosure that allows them to have an outdoor pool during the summer. In fact we estimate a pool enclosure is 1/3 the cost of an indoor pool.

To see examples of pool enclosure projects, visit our Gallery.

Are Libart enclosures only for new pool projects?

No. Libart projects can be retrofitted to existing pools. So send an email to your existing client database about Libart enclosures – you never know who may want to add an enclosure to their pool.

How much work do I have to do?

All you have to do is make the referral. Libart’s team will walk you and your client through the sale and installation process. We even provide you with drawings so you don’t have to hire an engineer. We make the process as simple for you as possible.

How do I know I’m going to get credit for clients I refer?

Once you sign up for the program, we will send you a unique link you can use to promote Libart to your clients. If your clients click on the link and fill out a form on the Libart site, our system automatically assigns you as the referral source.

Contact Jeff and see if a Libart enclosure
is right for your next project.

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