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Indoor Comfort,
Outdoor Freedom !
Retractable roofs and enclosures
for restaurants, hotels and homes.



With a retractable pool enclosure,
you can enjoy your pool year-round,
even in the rain and snow.

Toronto, ON CA 38 x 70 FT
"We were very excited about...this retractable pool enclosure which allows us to use our pool area at any time of the year..."
Cape May, NJ , US 26 x 49 ft
A retractable pool enclosure is ideal for protecting beach side swimming pools while still enjoying fun in the sun
Denver, CO, US 25 x 106 ft
Libart's pool enclosures can withstand even the harshest winter climates

Pool Enclosures can be
motorized or easily
opened manually


1. Increased usability of your pool

Who doesn’t want to use their pool year round? Protect your family from all the elements and preserve all the fun! In the summer months, pool enclosures shield you from the direct heat of the sun, protecting your loved ones and friends from sunburns. During the winter months, Libart pool enclosures guard against cold winds and freezing temperatures, ensuring a grand time in less than delightful conditions.

2. Pool enclosures help save on maintenance costs

Who doesn’t want to save money on their pool? Keeping your pool cleaned and filtered can be a tedious and costly task. With Libart pool enclosures, you can easily avoid getting dirt, dust, leaves, or insects in your pool. This allows for a neat and clean pool all the time.

3. Wonderful aesthetic appeal

Who doesn’t want to enhance the beauty of their pool? Libart Pool enclosures offer much more than top notch functionality, it offers eloquence and radiance as well! Beautifying your pool can and will make you the talk of the town. With so many styles, materials, and designs to choose from, you can easily select your pool enclosures personality.

Make your private pool stand out above the rest. Only Libart offers indoor comfort with outdoor freedom! For some awesome examples of Libart work, check out the gallery page. Libart pool enclosures are one of a kind. We also offer exceptional retractable enclosures for hotels and resorts, restaurants, and industrial applications.

Get in Motion Residential Planner

Pool Enclosure Pricing

24’ x 42’

$100 – $150K

38’ x 70’

$225 – $450K

25’ x 106’

$400k +


Receive in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

Cape May Courthouse, New Jersey – Residential Pool

“When my wife and I were designing our house we could not agree on the placement of the pool. I wanted the pool next to the house and enclosed so it could be used in the winter. My wife felt she would never want to use an indoor pool in the summer and did not want it covered. Libart and Bill Robinson of WIT Services gave us the both. We now enjoy the pool 365 days a year.  This pool enclosure moves so easily my wife and her sister can slide the system open or closed with ease. And this pool enclosure was $25,000 less than what a standard fixed glass enclosure would cost. Everyone who visits our house just loves the pool area.”

Brian and Sarah Sharpe, Homeowners

Pool Enclosure FAQ

If you order glass in your project, you can get a 100% clear view. Most clients choose polycarbonate for less weight and less expense, which has a translucent appearance, rather than clear view. You’ll still be able to see shapes and colors and it will still let plenty of light in to your convertible space.

Typically, Building Departments will require a frost protected foundation. Your Libart Project Manager can provide additional insight on this topic during your initial consultation.

Most clients treat their pool enclosure like a vacation home . . . they only heat the area when they are using it. This keeps overall operational costs more affordable and wastes less energy making the cost of ownership and use more desirable. Additional heating can be accomplished via in-floor hydronic radiant heat or forced air furnaces.

Each project starts and ends with the client and the Libart Project Manager. This ensures everything is planned fully and your expectations are met at the end of the project.

Libart has a number of retraction methods designed to give you the largest clear sky opening in the industry. Your Project Manager will review the various methods available with you during our comprehensive on site Project Evaluation during the Design Phase of your project.

Libart provides a comprehensive wet-stamped Engineering Package for every project at no extra charge. Our guarantee is that you will be able to obtain your Building Permit or we’ll refund 100% of your deposit.

The largest difference is in the appearance. Anodized aluminum once scratched can never be repaired and often just looks “unfinished”. Some manufacturers prefer to offer anodized only because it’s cheaper. Powder Coated Aluminum provides a finished appearance that can be matched with your décor.

Libart installs in 3-7 days on site, depending on the model, size, and location. Because full engineering is done for the pool enclosure structure, the advanced fabrication allows most of the assembling to happen in the factory, which means no cutting or drilling on-site leaving no unsightly aluminum shavings in your back yard.

Libart has hidden fasteners and customized cover plates. This provides a seamless appearance which does not detract from your pool or patio . . . or your property value!

Yes, a patented SecurLok tightens the enclosure to the track, making the enclosure immoveable by outside intruders and keeps it on your property in the event of high winds.

A low voltage direct drive motorization upgrade is available on every Libart pool enclosure structure. Control it with a remote or wall mounted button.

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