Panora – Kinetic systems are vertically retracting glass balustrade (balcony railing) & window systems. Kinetic systems provide all the benefits of a glass balustrade (balcony railing), with the addition of a wind & rain shield when required. Kinetic systems utilizes, hidden self-charging piston system that eliminate unsightly counter weights, thick profiles, cables and pulleys used in the industry. Kinetic opens manually and closes automatically with a simple touch.

PanoraKinetic g
PanoraKinetic gb
Glass + Balustrade (Hand rail) CLOSED / OPENED
PanoraKinetic gf
Glass + Balustrade (Handrail) with vertical framing CLOSED / OPENED
PanoraKinetic gp
Glass only, installed on a kneewall / parapet CLOSED / OPENED
PanoraKinetic f
F is also available with the GB and GF options. CLOSED / OPENED
To appreciate Libart’s design philosophy of, esthetics, function and simplicity, you need to look at the Panora – Kinetic system from the outside; all glass façade. Due to Kinetic‘s structural glass glazing, virtually no supporting system can be seen from the outside. Internal, Kinetic system is supported with extensive structural support to achieve necessary safety that is expected from a balcony railing or façade system.