Retractable Roof Project #4347

İstanbul, TR

Project Details

  • Model Freestanding - D(3/6 partition)
  • Size 31.0 x 55.0 ft

Retractable Roof Project #4347

More and more restaurants and cafes realize they can significantly increase their revenue by adding a Libart retractable roof to their establishment. Istanbul, Turkey, is the location of the Zeytin Cafe, which is shown in the attached photos. It is located on terrace gardens in Beyoglu, at the heart of the European side of the city. It commands superb views from the hill over the Bosphorus. Zeytin Cafe was formerly used only in summers. By utilizing a Libart Retractable Enclosure system, it can now be used year-round and be opened whenever the weather permits, to allow for fresh air for much of the year. Similar cafes and restaurants with traditional fixed-roof systems create a boring environment in the summer season. In cold weather, the enclosure can be closed while still allowing enough natural light in to make visitors feel like they are outdoors. With the help of two split air conditioners (heater and cooler) on both end-walls, Zeytin cafe creates a warm atmosphere, even in winter.

The most important point is that Zeytin Cafe’s guests can relax on the terrace all year long with superb views of Bosphorus and delight in its natural light and fresh air.


Profile colour is 9002 (white). This unit has 24″ of extra height, 7 windows, 1 double-wing swinging door (D1) and one double sliding door (D5). The module configuration is 8 modules and 8 bays. All glazing for this project is 4mm clear acrylic.


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October 1, 2013