Skylight Project #1711

Mersin, TR

Project Details

  • Model Freestanding - D - SDKS
  • Size 14,50 x 20 m
  • Size: 14,50 x 20 m

Skylight Project #1711

This amazing historical structure in Tarsus city in Mersin was estimated to be built by the Seljuk Turks sometime in 1557 during its recent restoration they discovered a mosaic thought to be dated back to Grecian times.

It was part of this restoration process that involved Libart stepping in, designing a fully retractable skylight over the main atrium. This retractable enclosure features 8 bays and opens to allow the atmosphere in and out of the atrium.


SDKS/R3 Retraction types, 14.5 mt x 20 mt – Freestanding D design, 4 modules – 8 bays, motorized operable in less than 5 minutes Top glazing 16X mm Solar Control PC, end-wall and sidewalls are covered with the 10mm Solar Control by PC material. The structural system is made of aluminum, and all other hardware are made of stainless material.


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September 27, 2013