Retractable Roof Project #2856

Scottsdale, AZ, US

Project Details

  • Model Retractable Roofing - SEFS
  • Size 24 x 28 ft
  • Famous Steakhouse Has Open Rooftop With a Pool

Retractable Roof Project #2856



If you’re looking for luxury dining around the Scottsdale, Arizona area, one need only venture as far as Scottsdale Quarter.  Dominick’s Steak House menu features both traditional steakhouse dishes as well as classic Italian dishes that are top-notch, and lauded as some of Arizona’s finest dining available. The high caliber of cheffery found on the plates is echoed in the caliber of the restaurant styling itself. If you’re a newcomer, the first hint you’ll get at Dominick’s level of class and luxury begins curbside at the valet, where you’re likely to find yourself in the company of Maseratis, Porsches, Aston Martins, and the like.  The life and energy of the the restaurant has been likened to the high-roller style of Las Vegas by more than one impressed patron.


Ooo la la


However, when you step through the handmade-glass entryway into the reception area, still breathless from eyeballing the auto-candy at the valet, you’ll be whisked from the world of high-roller Vegas to the timeless charm of an Old New York Steak House in its swankiest ensemble.  Six-foot crystal chandeliers dangle from mohair-upholstered ceilings.  The clack of your hard soles on the floor will call your attention to the pristine imported marble floors. If the warm earthy colors highlighted by the the embossed-leather walls aren’t enough to make you feel welcome and cozy, the cushy chairs and impressive wine list backed by a 3000-bottle cellar ought to do the trick.

If you’re looking for a warm, spirited dining experience complete with live music and even a $100 Manhattan cocktail, you’re certain to find it here.  But if you’re a planner, and you want something a little more intimate, we highly recommend reserving an open-air, poolside table under the stars.  Yes, you read that right. This multi-level luxury steakhouse boasts rooftop dining, with a little extra.  Diners can enjoy their luxury culinary experience on the rooftop beside the affinity pool and, when weather allows, under an open sky.

Dominick's Below the Retractable Rooftop

Dominick’s Below the Retractable Rooftop

There’s no need to worry about your open-air reservation being cancelled, or your prime rib being ruined by an unexpected storm, either.  Dominick’s motorized retractable roof quickly closes, quietly and at the touch of a button, without ever taking your attention away from your meal or your company — unless, like other patrons have experienced, you find yourself moved to applaud the high-class whiz-gig in action.  Whether you prefer upstairs or down, intimate open-air dining, or sipping cocktails while tapping along to live music, Dominick’s is the place to be.  According to Phoenix Magazine’s recommendation, it’s the perfect place to “spend a hundred bucks to feel like a million.”


SEFS 24×28, Elite Free-Standing Model, 4 Bays, 4 Modules, Desert Tan (Standard Color) Frame, 10mm Twin Wall Solar Control Polycarbonate Glazing, R-3 Retraction collecting all bays on one end of the roof opening, Motorization Upgrade, 672 square feet of coverage area.

Watch the Retractable Roof Operate


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October 28, 2013