Retractable Roof Project #3899

İstanbul, TR

Project Details

  • Model Retractable Roofing - RRP
  • Size 17' x 51'
  • A charming view of Istanbul from this crystal clear terrace

Retractable Roof Project #3899

Taking full advantage of their viewpoint over the city in Istanbul, this smart client had Libart design and engineer both the retractable glass wall system as well as the retractable roof system. The 66% clear sky opening of this retractable roof allow for much more of the outdoor terrace to be taken advantage of. The folding glass doors give a clear view when closed and fold up nicely during retraction for a charming view of the city.


Roofing RRP model, 17’ x 51’, Motorized retractable roof, 16 mm triple wall glazing, Vertical wall: frameless tempered glass.