Restaurant Retractable Skylights at Paladium Tower Polonez Grill

Istanbul, Turkey - Project #4047

Project Details

  • MODEL SolaGlide Skylights
  • SECTION 1 22.3m x 10.8m
  • SECTION 2 17.0m x 6.0m
  • SECTION 3 5.4m x 7.6m
  • Grill Polonez utilizes LIBART's SolaGlide Retractable Skylight Roof System to maximize use of their open area all year long. On warm sunny days it can be left open to provide fresh air and a beautiful view of the blue skies and closed when the weather is rainy, cold, snowy or windy while still enjoying the view.

Restaurant Retractable Skylights at Paladium Tower Polonez Grill

The Grill Polonez Restaurant is Able to Maintain a Steady Yearly Income with Libart’s Retractable Skylights

The Grill Polonez Restaurant, designed by MDArch at Atasehir under the leadership of the architect Görkem Volkan, displays a sincere and natural design approach with a warm atmosphere away from the chaos with color choices, and moving textures comprise this attractive interior. Adding into account the wondrous design of the outdoor enclosure, this restaurant turns into a tangible definition of biophilic design.

Located at the entrance of Palladium Tower office building in Istanbul Ataşehir, the Grill Polonez Restaurant, which is located in relation to the exterior and carries the MDArch signature of interior design, is shaped as an atmosphere that will give old familiar an intimate feeling instead of being a new and smooth looking place. The restaurant, which welcomes its guests in a comfortable and spacious atmosphere, is designed with natural materials and a natural design concept. The natural light usage is very important in user psychology. However the tent-like materials that are generally used for simplistic enclosure methods cuts the relationship with the sky and the light. The use of glass requires experience and liability for overhead coverage purposes. This is exactly what Libart offered for the design and we did a magnificent job looking at the final result.

Retractable Skylights Provide Maximum Window Seating with an Open Air Feel

Think of a restaurant where all the seats are window seats! This is possible with LIBART retractable enclosures. The office workers and house owners love to eat and spend time under the atmosphere that LIBART created. The restaurant is designed to maximize the usage of the open area, and with LIBART SolaGlide Retractable Skylight Roof System the restaurant can use their open area all year long with “indoor comfort and outdoor freedom”.

Located in an area of 1200 square meters, Grill Polonez Restaurant; meat lounges and restaurant as well as open and semi-open terraces. In the project, where the user satisfaction is on a priority, the main space is arranged in different units with the same design to appeal to groups of users of different ages, while the interior design and layout are designed to maintain the spaciousness of the room. In this respect, this broad space is divided into small pieces and identities that can be easily adopted by people and groups.

The use of raw materials such as wood, natural stone, brick and rope, which naturally refers to it, has spread to the whole of the place, and has been provided to meet its guests in open and semi-open spaces. The wooden beam used on the terraces adds to the interior texture and is inspired by the plane wing section in the design of the canopy roof.

In the Grill Polonez Restaurant, a light ceiling covering designed on the interior solves any acoustic problems and the ceiling has been lowered to match the human scale, providing the advantage of converting the technical problems that can occur by softening the atmosphere in the room.

This meticulously handled delicate process is proof of the quality search in the material selection that matches the modern and aesthetic requirements of the whole design itself. For the terrace space that is what Libart provided.

Libart Solution:

When the weather is hot and sunny, the roof system glides open to provide fresh air and the feeling of outdoors with a beautiful blue sky view. When the weather is rainy, cold, snowy or windy, the system glides closed to protect customers from the bad weather. The bad weather is even delightful under a LIBART system. When it starts to snow, customers sit under the glass roof and enjoy watching the snow fall.

This project has 3 LIBART SolaGlide Retractable Skylight systems:

  1. 22.27m x 10.73 16 Bays / 75% opening up
  2. 17m x 6m 16 Bays / 66% opening up
  3. 5.40m x 7.64 4 Bays / 66% opening up

All systems glazing are : 6mm Coolplus Tempered Glass + 14mm air gap + (4+4) Laminated Glass

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July 30, 2015