Retractable Roof Project #4320

Sakarya, TR

Project Details

  • Model Freestanding - TEFS
  • Size 30' x 58'
  • Outdoor Restaurant Attracts New Visitors

Retractable Roof Project #4320

If you find yourself in the neighborhood of Sakarya, Turkey, it’s quite possible you’ll hear  the locals musing about their latest meal at Adi Bahce.  If you’re not terribly fluent in Turkish, that’s the “Name Garden Cafe,” and aptly titled.  The beauty of the dishes served and the morsels tasted matches the beauty and solace of this gorgeous garden. Surrounded by lush green landscaping, the patio of Adi Bahce is a place for fine dining in the midst of nature. A meal or dessert can be  enjoyed here in the open air surrounded by the trees and birds. If by chance, a gentle rain rolls through, the 4-bay retractable roof can close up tight in just a matter of minutes, offering a domed, clear patio-island of shelter in the storm.  If you’re in the area, there’s nothing to lose.  Stop in and have a coffee.  You’ll experience a whole new meaning to “wake up and smell the roses.”

9,1×17,65 m  TEFS 6 Modul
2,8×7,85 m RRG, Double Pitch, 4 Bay
6,5×1,77 m TEFS Fixed Tunel
Roof Glazing 10 mm Solar Control,
RRG Glazing: 6+6 Tinted Reflectıve Laminated Glass
Side Walls Glazing:  5mm tempered glass
Frame colour RAL 9005
Total close area 150 m2

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Posted on

October 25, 2013