Pool Enclosure Project #4469

Melbourne, AU

Project Details

  • Model Freestanding - D (3/6 Segment)
  • Size 26' x 44'
  • Size: 26' x 44'

Pool Enclosure Project #4469

One of Libart’s more famous retracting pool enclosures splits open from the middle to allow in the summer wind and sun. This 108 square meter pool dome located in Melbourne Australia has won Libart critical acclaim for its innovation in products.

This retracting roof’s unique and innovative design has won awards at the Swimming Pool and Spa Association night. The 7 bay pool roof protects the pool from dirt wind and rain so that the enclosure sees use year round.


4 x screened windows, side sliding, and double wing sliding lockable doors.

AS-D 8mx13.5m.

Solar Grey, reflective twin-wall CP roof, compact clear PC sides and end walls.


Bonjour Gem,

Allow me the pleasure of advising you of our success at the SPASA (Swimming Pool And Spa Association) Awards night. We were nominated in 3 categories and received awards in 2. I have attached photos.
I was advised early in the evening to be mindful of preparing a speech and answering a few questions as we were also nominated in one of the Major categories being “Most Innovative Product”.
A lovely evening was had by all and I am assured by the industry that award winners are always amazed at the response they receive from the public once having won an award.
The SPASA website www.spasavic.com.au now has all award winners listed in the AWARDS of EXCELLENCE section with a link to each website.

I have also attached our link showing we have wasted no time in advertising our success. www.sunroomsplus.com.au. We all now look forward to the enquiries flooding in.

Phil Devlin

P.S. Happy birthday from last week. May there be many more to come.


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October 1, 2013