Pool Enclosure Project #4492

W. Trenton, NJ, US

Project Details

  • Model Freestanding - V (4/8 segment)
  • Size 35' x 54'
  • Size: 35' x 54'

Pool Enclosure Project #4492

This telescopic retractable pool enclosure is a perfect example of how Libart buildings are suited for any country and environment. The Securtrak rails anchor the swimming pool cover to the ground preventing heavy winds and storms from moving the building.

This retractable pool enclosure was colored specifically per the owner to match his backyard patio and create a wholly unique and beautiful recreational experience. The size of this pool cover works to also transform the area into a comfortable sunroom for relaxation.


Roof in 10mm twin-wall, clear Polycarbonate PC Glazing, (co-extruded UV protection and anti-drip coating), sides and end-wall in 4mm compact glass clear PC.

Sand Stone profile color, Bi-parting (R2) retraction, 5M-10M, 1 double wing sliding door and 4 screened window. Installed WIT Services.


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October 1, 2013