Pool Enclosure Project #4601


Project Details

  • Model Freestanding - V (4/8 partition) - TVFS (70)
  • Size 66' x 141'
  • Size: 66' x 141'

Pool Enclosure Project #4601

Freestanding V design, 7 modules – 21 bays, manually operable in less than 10 minutes.  Top glazing 16X mm Solar Control PC, end-wall and sidewalls are covered with the 4mm Solid by PC material. The pool enclosures structural system is made of aluminum, and all other hardware are made of stainless material.


Ali Naltekin, Civil Engineer & Abdullah Naltekin, Architect<br /> Oncu Social Facilities


“Libart has made such an amazing retractable structure span of 21 meters with a very nice technique and fits its purpose; where we as an engineer and architect were thinking since long time how we could build such a system to Oncu Social Facilities.”

“As a technician; we believe that this structure is a state of the art system. Because the structure is incredibly functional even though it seems very simple looking from outside.”

“On behalf of my company, I would like to thank and congratulate Mr. Cem ÇOMU and his Libart team for their great effort to make them gain us this  state of the art structure.”


Posted on

October 1, 2013