Shopping Mall Retractable Skylights at Point Bornova Mall

Izmir, Turkey - Project #6686

Project Details

  • MODEL Clearsky Skylights
  • BAYS 22
  • SIZE 11m x 20m each
  • The Point Bornova Shopping Mall in Izmir, Turkey, is the first shopping mall in Europe with a retractable roof covering nearly 5,000 square meters. The mall innovatively combines the outdoor street shopping experience with climate-controlled mall shopping convenience. Even before the installation was complete, the project brought new inspiration to the architectural world, and other projects have started to follow this concept of commercial skylights.

Shopping Mall Retractable Skylights at Point Bornova Mall

Redefining the Culture of Shopping Malls with Libart ClearSky in a Design Inspired by the Urban Streets

The Point Bornova Housing and Shopping Center project, which is operated by Derin Yeşil Architecture and Consultancy together with HOK, consists of shopping and entertainment streets with a 52.000 m2 leasable area containing 37 story residential towers and a 260.000 m2 closed area.

This project designed in İzmir, a historical port city located at the intersection of Aegean Sea with Western Anatolian Mountains, is inspired by the sea, nature and culture of life in this urban context. It is possible to observe this tradition that continues today along the coast of the new city, as the city dwellers show the characteristic Aegean city life with the urban texture, cultural activities and social interaction approaches. Historical bazaars that have been used for shopping, dining, and having fun outdoors for centuries is another tradition that lives on.

The shopping center project is designed in a way that it is open to the public in a large part of the year, 24/7 living, dynamical, where the houses that are located in the open shopping center and entertainment streets host different themes such as “sea”, “mountain” and “city”. This occasional indoor and outdoor transition is obtained with the help of Libart Enclosure Systems. The 22 bays of retractable skylights provide a major contribution to this adaptable architecture with motion in design that helps increase the quality of movement and circulation to its users.

The project site is located very close to the highway on the motorway that connects the eastern and western sides of the bay. The residence is located in the west and south of town, and commercial and industrial areas in the north and east. There is a situation where it is difficult to establish relations with the environment in the region where the urban texture thins and the industrial areas are beginning to be seen. The Derin Yeşil design team worked on a “landmark” project that would act as a catalyst for new developments around it; the attitude of the housing tower, and the open shopping and entertainment streets, where the project aimed to be the center of the developments around it. For a trendsetter project that has impact on both architectural scale and city scale, the products that are used also had to be unique and provide a certain degree of attraction blended with an originality feature.

Structural entrances are taken from the north, where the bus station and highway are located, and from the western side where housing is located. Visitors and residents are welcomed with a large entrance plaza that houses water and landscape items. Three shopping and entertainment streets with “sea”, “mountain” and “city” themes built around a triangular scheme provide the ground floor circulation by embracing the housing tower, while the corridors and balconies that circulate on the first and second floors are connected by bridges to watch these curved streets.

To address different groups of users; Each of the 1 to 3 bedrooms, designed in various sizes, has its own balcony, allowing you to enjoy the highest level of natural ventilation and scenery. The residential lobby in the south allows direct access to 2 vertical circulation axes and a private residential car park and shopping platform.

The project aims to transport the characteristic street life of İzmir all year with comfortable conditions. To this end, both the historical and modern architectural references have been proposed to open and close the glass roof system that is Libart’s ClearSky retractable roof system. A moving glass roof covering has been developed that closes within 45 seconds when weather conditions such as rainfall or strong winds match the varying width of the inner streets.

In terms of sustainability targets of the project, the green roof area wa planned to provide thermal insulation while minimizing project footprint with the architectural decisions for mass settlement, orientation, passive heating-cooling systems, material selection, and energy efficient design from the concept project stage. Local and durable plant choices have been moved to these green roofs as well as to the green walls on the interior floor.

With the location of the building close to the highway, the project was located in a position where it could be easily reached by public transportation, while priority was given to hybrid and electric vehicles on the parking floors.

The mechanical-electrical systems are designed to achieve optimum energy levels while the natural ventilation and lighting on the interior are kept on the priority list. Careful use of wood, natural stones and similar local and convertible materials were selected for the project.

The trend of retractable enclosures is catching on. The concept of moving architecture caught on in Europe. In May 2015, Libart started this major mall project with an innovative concept of combining an outdoor street shopping experience with climate-controlled mall shopping convenience. Fitting with Libart’s philosophy of providing “Indoor comfort, outdoor freedom” spaces, the total retractable space is 5,000 square meters.

The mall features 22 retractable ClearSky systems with insulated glass openings that are approximately 11m x 20m in size.

Even before the installation was finished, the project brought a new concept to the world and other projects were started that followed this concept. Libart redesigned its ClearSky systems to be used in such projects.

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January 20, 2016