Retractable Roofscape at Federales Project #6529

Chicago. IL - Project #6529

Project Details

  • Model ClearSky EFB
  • Span 28 feet
  • Length 56 feet
  • Bays 8
  • Bays: 8

Retractable Roofscape at Federales Project #6529

The Story:

Federales was looking for a game changer that would help give them an advantage in the popular West Loop area of Chicago. With so much competition, they needed something that would wow customers and gives Federales a truly unique atmosphere.

“We wanted an open-air feel,” said Matt Piekarz, a project manager for Four Corners Tavern Group which owns Federales.

Matt had worked with Libart before on the American Junkie project, so he knew the type of experience that our products can create for customers. He engaged with us to come up with a key differentiator for Federales.

Libart created a custom roofscape solution that gives Federales the large open element it needed. The entire roof retracts and houses beyond customers’ viewpoint so that it looks like the roof isn’t even there. It has helped give Federales the industrial look and fun bar atmosphere that has set them apart from the competition.

“Not many places throughout the city give that open-air feel,” Piekarz said. “People love the open air concept, and everyone is very comfortable whether the roof is open or closed.”

The roof takes about one minute to close using R-3 Uni-Directional retraction. It is made of 16mm Solar Grey Metallic Polycarbonate and is a ClearSky EFB model.

Given Chicago’s notorious weather changes, this roofscape has helped give Federales the flexibility to wow customers no matter what the outside conditions are. It also gives Federales a unique ambiance that keeps customers coming back for more.

Libart Solution:

  • Span: 28 feet   Length: 56 feet  Bays: 8  Modules: 4
  • Retraction Method: R-3 Uni-Directional
  • Motorized Operation
  • Main Framing Members are Titan Series 190mm thick
  • Roof Panel Glazing: 16mm Solar Grey Metallic Polycarbonate