Retractable Skylights at Water Garden Shopping Mall

Istanbul, Turkey - Project #1284

Project Details

  • Model Clearsky Retractable Skylights
  • Size 7.35 x 62.50 meters
  • Glazing 6mm Tempered + 1.52 stained glass pvb + 6mm Tempered
  • The Water Garden features a ClearSky application with patterned glass that provides a visual element to this shopping mall. The retractable skylights not only warm customers in the winter, but also bring in fresh air and sunlight in the summer months.

Retractable Skylights at Water Garden Shopping Mall

Water Garden is a project that destroys stereotypical shopping mall approaches in Istanbul. MDArch Architecture presented the interior architecture services of the Project which was completed in Ataşehir by Ziylan Group and designed by Dutch T Concept company. The Project is a huge investment of 66,000 square meters. With the brands it collects in Istanbul, it is certain that the city is one of the few brand cities of the world and helped to increase the competitive power. Libart was also a solution partner in this big project that appeals to every need and audience.

As it is known, shopping malls that collect people from different interests under the same roof often cause long hours in closed areas in good weather. With Libart’s ClearSky application, it is possible to experience commercial areas in a well-designed street scene. In the Water Garden project, a circulation axis called Nostalgia Street, in which brands with at least 50 years of history are located, has been constructed, and on this street, mobile roof systems, including daylight, are used while providing comfort for all seasons.

There is also a feature that makes this ClearSky application the first instance in its class. In the lamination film between 6 + 6 mm tempered glass, a stained-glass color printing was used. This patterned glass integrates a structure that not only becomes a visual element that warms the customers in the winter and improves the interest in the streets in the winter, but can also be pulled in to get fresh air and sunlight in the summer.

The distance traveled without the need for any extra vertical structural element is an engineering wonder. A space of 7.35m x 62m is covered with this aesthetic cover. With the laminated tempered glass overlapping with the safety principle of Libart, the comfort of the inside and the freedom of the outside motto is caught once more.

Water Garden is located next to International Istanbul Finance Center in Istanbul Ataşehir, with gastronomy, entertainment and cultural center areas and more than 150 independent units.


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September 14, 2017