Retractable Hospitality Architecture

Go from a busy season to a busy year.

Enjoy the view year-round

Designing a WOW Factor Into Hotel / Restaurant Rooftops and Patios

Design Ideas and Examples of Successful Kinetic Architectural Projects


Know Your Retractable Options

You can have flat clear or translucent panels in the ceiling that are flat that slide towards the eave or ridge to open your space up to the sky. An opening of up to 75% can be achieved with Libart Retractable Skylights.
restaurant retractable1
restaurant retractable2

You can integrate a structure up on top of the building that doesn’t slide flat, like panels, but is sitting up on the rooftop, strictly covering an opening with no steel beams or substructure needed for panels. This structure gives the ability for 100% clear sky opening because it slides back on the rooftop, out of view from below.
restaurant retractable1

You can have a half-moon, rounded retractable roof that slides back to open up to the sky. This particular project is opened up ¾ clear sky view. Full view is feasible, achieved when there is a space behind the structure to extend the tracks and further slide back the roof.
restaurant rounded-retractable1
restaurant rounded-retractable2

You can have an entire room that has an enclosure over it that either joins to the building side (like the Union structure pictured) or fully stands on its own (freestanding), like the structure pictured below.
restaurant lean-to1
restaurant lean-to2

This type of enclosure is used for an area that needs the architectural covering to stand on its own, without attaching to any building or framework. This structure can slide back to one end or part in the middle.
restaurant free1
restaurant free2

You can plan for an “end cap” dining area in the shape of a circle or half circle for a round track-less product.
restaurant need lightened before inputting (2)
restaurant need lightened before inputting (1)


Can the structures be added to an existing restaurant?

Sometimes you can. If you have a steel substructure with open sky sections, we may be able to incorporate a retractable skylight option. Or if you have an opening with an area on the rooftop to install a structure, a retractable roof may be feasible.

Can you have a clear sky view, even when the panel/structure is closed?

Yes. Many restaurants have put glass into the areas they wanted to see the city skyline through, but have polycarbonate in the other areas that aren’t as important to be able to see through. Polycarbonate has lighter weight and is lower cost, so people often choose this when they are able to do without a 100% clear view.

When the structure moves back can you have it completely out of the way?

Yes, the Union project example is a great example. This project slides totally to one side of the restaurant, leaving no structure in the dining area. If you have a space to slide the structure on to, this can usually be accomplished.