What is PanoraView Kinetic Architecture?

A New Paradigm in Operable Glass

PanoraView represents a new paradigm in kinetic architecture—glass wall, window and door systems featuring vertical retraction. Simply put, it’s a better view.
Operable glass applications are not new. They provide aesthetically pleasing views and access to the great outdoors through kinetic architecture. But they have also come with limitations—until now.
Imagine a glass wall that virtually disappears or a glass door that slides up and out of the way without taking up floor space. Or, for the built-in safety of a balcony or balustrade, such as for windows systems, PanoraView panels slide down.
In any of these situations, PanoraView provides a better view, a better utilization of floor space, and even a better air ventilation scheme. This is kinetic architecture at its best.
And, for extended application flexibility, PanoraView options include integrated and automated screens and shades! Integrated screens help you achieve natural ventilation and airflow without bothersome insects or other pests. And integrated shades offer protection from too much uncomfortable sunlight and harmful UV radiation.

What Can PanoraView Do for You?

Better Views

PanoraView panels slide up (or down) and out of the way. There are no framing crossmembers to obstruct views. The result is unobstructed viewing and unparalleled access to the great outdoors.

Application Flexibility

PanoraView retracts up for door and wall systems and down for window systems. You can configure PanoraView as 1, 2, 3, or 4 panel systems. Integrate automated screens and shades where your applications demands such control. Product framing is available in 5 standard and dozens of custom colors. Individual panels can be up to 14 feet wide.

Increased Space Utilization

Folding glass doors or accordian style walls require ample storage space for the folded panels. And sliding glass panels can’t provide full access to the framed opening. On the other hand, PanoraView panels can slide up and out of the way. Imagine the greater revenue potential for more available window and glass wall seating.

Quality, Durability & Performance

PanorView is constructed of insulated glass with interlocking and thermally broken aluminum profiles. That means it provides excellent thermal insulation and prevents hot or cold spots that could lead to condensation. The 6063-T6 custom aluminum framing is electrocoated in 5 standard and dozens of custom colors. And our innovative screw drive system eliminates maintenance intensive belts, chains, cables, and counterweights.


PanoraView features a screw drive system that can lock in any position and remain in place with or without electricity. An electronic photo-eye provides a motorized fail-safe. Dual sets of limit switches (two at top and two at bottom) ensure consistent retraction travel.

Daylighting & Natural Ventilation

Clean product design accommodates expansive views and unmatched daylighting. Integrated and automated screens and shades help provide ultimate control. For greater ventilation than sliding or folding glass designs or for controlled ventilation, nothing beats PanoraView.

Intuitive Operation

The product user interface consists of an up/down rocker switch and stop button. Nothing could be easier. One press starts the retraction with an auto-stop at the end of the cycle (fully open or fully closed). And, you can manually stop the process at any point for ultimate control.

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