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“Hello Libart…I had to stop today and take a photo to send to your company!  Libart built our enclosure here by the ocean 10 years ago and it still looks amazing!!!  Not sure if you could use another testimonial…especially one that’s a decade old!  My family and I are still amazed at how this structure has held up through the weather that hits this beachfront home!!”
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Dennis, Homeowner

Residential Pool

“When my wife and I were designing our house we could not agree on the placement of the pool. I wanted the pool next to the house and enclosed so it could be used in the winter. My wife felt she would never want to use an indoor pool in the summer and did not want it covered. Libart and Bill Robinson of WIT Services gave us the both. We now enjoy the pool 365 days a year.  Our home had multiple roof lines and angles coming in together at the pool area and our builder, architect, and engineer were all concerned about the Libart project. Bill Robinson and his team put it together and made it lo

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ok easy. There was not a single glitch in the process. Libart also rushed the system out quickly to arrive in time for the short deadline they were given. The system moves so easily my wife and her sister can slide the system open or closed with ease. And all this for $25,000 less than what a standard fixed glass enclosure would cost. Everyone who visits our house just loves the pool area.”
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Brian and Sarah, Homeowners

Cape May Courthouse, New Jersey - Residential Pool

Testimonials BrittenProject4426TESTIMONIALimage copy“We started this project well over a year ago and are so pleased with the results. The local “buzz” around the community has been very positive, as it is unique within the Maritimes! We have many of our guests inquire about the structure as they would like to have the same at their residence! Also, many have commented how pretty it is at night while swimming and looking out at the stars. The structure is not only functional but BEAUTIFUL!! We are quite excited to swim in our new pool while watching the snow fall this winter! Both Pierre and Cem were very helpful through the entire process and prompt in answering any of our questions. We look forward to many happy days of swimming!”
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Anita, GM

Moncton, Canada - Colonial Inn - Commercial Pool

“After researching options on the internet, the retractable building seemed like the perfect solution. Upon making a few phone calls, it was very apparent that Libart was the way to go because of the excellent customer service and excitement and willingness to help in all aspects of being able to purchase and install a Libart enclosure.”
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Ooltewah, TN – Ooltewah Swim Center – Commercial Pool

“We have only had our enclosure up for a few weeks and already love it. A lot of our friends are talking about closing their pools for the winter, but here we are going out for a swim in the evenings even when it is getting close to freezing point outside. It is so easy to open and close, our 6 year old daughter is able to push one panel at a time. With the fall season here, we don’t have to worry about getting any of the leaves into our pool. My plants love the humidity and are starting to bloom again. Jeff was so knowledgeable and professional throughout the whole purchasing and installation. It was amazing to see the crates of panels become an enclosure in a matter of a few days. We highly recommend this enclosure!” See project Testimonials DeKleinProject4603TESTIMONIALimage copy
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – Residential Pool